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Congrats to eiricmacbean who won the prize here for the BVC Grand Opening! 

His choice:

What Ho, Automaton!What Ho, Automaton!

“A fun blend of P.G. Wodehouse, steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes. Dolley is a master at capturing and blending all these elements. More than fascinating, this work is also rip-roaring fun!”
SF Revu

Great book, I really enjoyed it.  Hope you do too!
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It's been a long time coming, and a lot of work.  I'm absolutely delighted to announce that Book View Café, the author-owned publishing cooperative of which I'm a member, is at last celebrating the opening of our new, completely-redesigned bookstore!

Party Favors!  We're giving our readers chances to win the book of their choice from BVC's catalog!  Just take a look around the store anytime up until midnight, June 8, and choose the book you’d like—all the books that are eligible for the giveaway are marked with a gold star. Then come back here and leave a comment with the name and author of the book and why you want it (we may use that comment for publicity purposes). When the promotion ends, I'll announce a winner here and that winner will get a coupon for the book s/he chose.

Books on Sale:  for the Grand Opening, I've got two titles on sale at $2 off the list price, Immortal and Glorieta Pass.  Use coupon codes IM-GO and GP-GO to get the discounts.  Most BVC anthologies are also on sale, half price, for the celebration.

Full details (and another chance to win a book) are available at the BVC Grand Opening Celebration page. Check it out!

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HEART OF THE EXILED is out today.  Hurrah!

I blogged about fantasy art at  Comment about your favorite fantasy artist (on the Ninc blog, not here) for a chance to win a free copy of the book.



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