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Coyote UglyFall was kind of hectic, and I forgot to announce this.  I know many of my readers have been wanting a print edition of my short story collection, Coyote Ugly.  Well, it's now available!  You can order it here, or request it from your favorite bookstore.
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I am in the waiting room at the car dealership, biding my time while my car receives an expensive 60,000 mile service.  They provide free pastries and fruit and coffee and tea, and more importantly, free Wi-Fi.  So I am catching up on email and reading blogs and having a fairly pleasant time considering.

Looked at my backlist ebook sales numbers at Amazon this morning.  Two books sold so far this month!  That raised my spirits, actually, because after the first week of November I had no sales and was starting to get depressed.  It's a fair amount of work to prepare a book for ebook publication, so it's nice to see some sales coming in.

coverI'm finalizing a new ebook to release on 12/21, and I'm pretty excited about it. Coyote Ugly is a collection of my short fiction, some previously published, some entirely new, plus some extra treats (hint:  I've been perfecting my recipe for New Mexican Hot Cocoa).

This book is a labor of love.  For a long time I've wanted to make my short story, "Coyote Ugly," available again.  It first appeared in The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and it was my first official professional short fiction sale. 

Some of the stories in this book are favorites of mine that never found the right market.  A couple of them are set in New Mexico, and are probably hard for New York publishers to "get."  So this book is strong on New Mexico, though there's lots of other stuff in there too.

I did the cover art, and that was also a labor of love.  New Mexicans like it because it depicts Zozobra, a Santa Fe tradition since the early 20th century.  Zozobra is our own funky local version of the Burning Man, I guess you could say.  Also known as "Old Man Gloom," he is burned every September at the start of the Santa Fe Fiesta, and the tradition is that by burning Zozobra, we are burning our troubles.

I'm curious - what do you non-New Mexicans think of the cover art?  Is it intriguing at all?  Confusing?  Just weird?


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