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trashed feeder 1Night before last, we heard a loud thump in the middle of the night.  We got up to investigate, thinking something in the house somewhere had fallen down.  As we were in the north hallway, we heard another thump.  Turned on the back porch light and discovered the grill on its side and the tray bird feeder like this. 

We concluded we'd been visited by a bear.  My spouse uprighted the grill before I could take its picture the next morning, but there was plenty of other wreckage.  Our ursine friend destroyed two bird feeders and bent the pole on a third (ironically, the same pole was bent by a bear a few years ago). 

Ah, the joys of rural living!

This was the only feeder that had food in it - thistle seed.  Probably not fun for a bear.

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Our pipes finally thawed this morning. Our house has water again. Hooray! We can flush the toilets any time we please!

Thirteen days without functioning water mains; seven of those with no water in the house at all. I was beginning to fantasize about magical water beings. Maybe I'll get a story out of it.

Watching the snow pile up. Snow is good. Snow insulates the ground. If we'd had snow on the ground when that cold snap hit, we might not have had trouble with the water.

Anyway, all over now, and thanks be.

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Water Woes

Jan. 23rd, 2008 12:40 pm
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Life has been Interesting this past week. Last Wednesday the jet stream dipped and brought an arctic blast that gave us record lows. Our forecast low was in the single digits. When we woke up Thursday morning, it was -5 and our water was out.

We thought the pipes were frozen. Because of the cold front, we wouldn't get above freezing until Saturday. OK, we can live for a couple of days without water. Luckily I had some jugs of water stashed for just such an occasion.

Saturday - no water. Sunday, even warmer - no water. We talked to the majordomo of our neighborhood water co-op, and he suggested the meter might be frozen. Tried to close the valve - no good, so yes, frozen meter. Lowered a space heater into the meter can. In a few minutes - voila! Water on in the house! But no - the meter can started filling with water. Broken meter. Flush toilets, fill jugs, then shut off the water again.

Holiday on Monday, so no plumber until Tuesday morning. He came early (bless him) and replaced the meter. We turned on the taps. Nothing.

Somewhere between the top of the driveway, where the meter is, and the house, the line is blocked. Probably frozen. Who knows when it'll thaw? Spring, maybe. (I have a good cry, then get on with life.)

The majordomo and my dear husband came up with the same idea and talked about it: run a hose from the standpipe at the top of the drive, which has water (thank the gods!) down to the standpipe by the house, which does not. Water will then get into the house. DH went out early this morning and bought 300 feet of garden hose. It works. We have water, though we'll have to disconnect and drain the hose every night so IT doesn't freeze.

This is a temporary fix, but one we can live with, and much better than paying $$$ to dig up the driveway. Life is happier today than it was yesterday.

I'm most grateful to the friends who gave us water, showers, laundry time, and sympathetic ears. It's amazing how something like this can get you down, especially as it drags on and on. I hate having a car or computer out of commission. Add the plumbing to that list.

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