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Sat out and watched the Geminids for a bit last night.  It was nice to stare at the sky after a stressful day.

Last night was the peak of the shower but there will still be meteors visible for the next few nights.  In fact, it should be interesting to watch the sky during the lunar eclipse in a week.  Looking forward to that.

I think I have figured out one thing that was bothering Mishka.  He would get sick now and then, and I pinned it down to after he'd eaten one particular flavor of cat food.  I eliminated that flavor from the menu rotation and he hasn't been sick since!  (Knock wood.)
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I didn't post the day it happened, for various reasons, but here for the record:  Mishka had a seizure on Tuesday (8/10).  He bounced back as usual and is his good old crochety self.

The Perseids meteor shower peaked this week.  I adore lying out staring at the sky, and since I got glasses this summer I can see things much better. 

I invited friends over to watch the meteors with me, but only one of them came up (hi, Peg!).  The others were scared off by thundershowers or found themselves too tired to drive around the mountains.  I understand.  However, in future I'm going to plan star-gazing parties a little differently.

We went out at about 10:30 and saw a handful of really great meteors, plus a sideshow of lightning going on to the west, then it clouded over. Went inside and watched a movie for a couple of hours, during which it rained.  When we came out again around one, the sky was clear and the meteors were again wonderful.  We pooped out after an hour or so, just when the show was really getting good.  Hence, different plans for next time:  in future, the agenda will include a nap.  (Man, it sucks getting old!)

Visited family on Saturday.  They are well (their good old crochety selves).  Watched Casino Royale with mi esposo.  Good for a Bond movie.  I'm not really an aficionado, but it was fun. 

Today, gaming with friends.  All in all a good week.


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