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I didn't post the day it happened, for various reasons, but here for the record:  Mishka had a seizure on Tuesday (8/10).  He bounced back as usual and is his good old crochety self.

The Perseids meteor shower peaked this week.  I adore lying out staring at the sky, and since I got glasses this summer I can see things much better. 

I invited friends over to watch the meteors with me, but only one of them came up (hi, Peg!).  The others were scared off by thundershowers or found themselves too tired to drive around the mountains.  I understand.  However, in future I'm going to plan star-gazing parties a little differently.

We went out at about 10:30 and saw a handful of really great meteors, plus a sideshow of lightning going on to the west, then it clouded over. Went inside and watched a movie for a couple of hours, during which it rained.  When we came out again around one, the sky was clear and the meteors were again wonderful.  We pooped out after an hour or so, just when the show was really getting good.  Hence, different plans for next time:  in future, the agenda will include a nap.  (Man, it sucks getting old!)

Visited family on Saturday.  They are well (their good old crochety selves).  Watched Casino Royale with mi esposo.  Good for a Bond movie.  I'm not really an aficionado, but it was fun. 

Today, gaming with friends.  All in all a good week.

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I heard a soundbyte go by the other day to the effect that late January, especially the last Saturday of the month, is the most depressing time of year. Still pretty dark, pretty cold, and the holiday sparkle has worn off.

In the interest of saving the world from deep depression, I hereby offer my choices for the best uplifting films. Watch one soon! I guarantee it will give you a smile.

1. Enchanted April. Fabulous cast including Joan Plowright, Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent and Alfred Molina. Charming story of escape from rainy England to the lush Italian seaside.*

2. Back to the Future. Just great fun in a time travel romp. Michael J. Fox in his prime. Christopher Lloyd. Back to the Future II is equally wonderful. (BTF III not so much, for me. But if you like it, go for it.)

3. Victor Victoria. Paris in the 30s, with wonderful music and clothes. Julie Andrews in drag. Delightful performances from Alex Karras, Lesley Ann Warren, and James Garner. Also Graham Stark, one of my favorite bit part actors, and of course Robert Preston's crowning performance.

4. Chocolat. France again, this time with exotic mesoamerican sweets. Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, and more Alfred Molina. Be prepared for sugar cravings. Order a supply in advance from Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe.*

5. Sirens. Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald, Sam Niell. A minister and his wife visit a—er—highly romantic artist at his Australian estate. The scenery and the performers are lush and sensual. Watch this one with your sweetie, but not with your parents. And um, send the kids over to a friend's house.*

*good picks for Valentine's Day
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Deja VuThis movie opened without a lot of fanfare last November. I confess I didn't get to the theater to see it, even though I had a special interest in it. My husband and I were in New Orleans the previous spring when it was being filmed, and he actually passed Denzel Washington walking around in the French Quarter. (I was in a conference session, dang it!)

We spent a morning on the levee, watching helicopters and boats buzz around near the bridge. When we strolled past the filming location, we saw a mess of ambulances and cop cars, lights flashing. Hence, some early scenes of the film looked rather familiar.

Little did we know, we were not there during filming of the coolest scenes. In an age of CGI miracles, the director of this film, Tony Scott, chose the old fashioned way of creating special effects: lots and lots of explosives! One of the neat things on the Déjà Vu DVD is the commentary track, which includes mini-documentaries on the making of special effects sequences, including how they dealt with concerns that their explosions would damage the river levees.

The story is intricately crafted by writers Bill Marsilii and Terry Rossio. Because I hate spoilers, I'm not going to post any, but I will say that it's a fine story, filmed in New Orleans, that tragically wounded but still glorious city. Everyone should see this film.

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