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Another seizure yesterday.  It had been over a month since the last one, unless he had one while we were away from the house.  Slightly different behavior this time.  He was on the couch, which was good because it made it less likely that he would hurt himself.  Not so good because he wasn't able to pace in circles afterward.  Instead he seemed to be watching something go around him in circles - his head went back and forth like someone watching a tennis match.  

During the seizure I tried something that my spouse did the previous time, which was to hum a low, steady pitch.  Both times this seemed to help Mishka calm down and come out of the seizure faster.  I offer up this information in the hope it may be useful to someone.

I have some new pics of Mishka, which I will post anon. 
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Poor guy had another seizure this morning.  Short and weird - he didn't walk in tight little clockwise circles this time.  Instead he walked around things - the dining table, the kitchen island - counter clockwise.

These seizures seem to be coming about every two weeks. 

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Mishka had a seizure at 2:30 a.m. this morning.  As we were all sound asleep, this one can't have been brought on by a sharp sound, unless he dreamed one.

He's been off his feed a bit the last couple of days.  It's hard when we know he's not feeling well and can't do much to help.  He's been wanting lots of lap time, and we're giving it to him.  Right now he's snoozing in the sun. 

Me, I have a cold.  Going back to bed.  Sorry world, I'll get to you in a bit.
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We adopted Mishka from the pound, so there's no way of knowing exactly how old he is or when he was born.  He was a year old (at least) when we got him, and it was March, so that's when we celebrate his birthday. 

Here he is snoozing in my writing chair.  If it seems like I post a lot of pictures of him in this chair, well--he spends a lot of time there.  The sun shines on it in the morning, making it a perfect cat-snoozing spot. 

Here he is back in 2002, at our then-residence, checking out one of the turtles that lived in the back yard. 

Unlike his sidekick, Mishka doesn't really miss being an outdoor kitty.  As long as there's a patch of sunshine to lie in or a fire in the wood stove, he's content.

He had another seizure last night.  Short, but intense.  He spent the rest of the evening lying in a fuzzy donut by the stove--was not steady enough to get up on the bench.  He did get up and devour his supper, though.  
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Mishka had a seizure again yesterday - fairly mild, thank goodness.

Why does he gallop during the fit? I mean, he's lying on his side, but his legs are galloping full speed. Weird.

He climbed on my desk the day before, wanting to be in my space. I let him sit there while I was reading online, but when I started to type he began to twitch with every keystroke, so it was sorry, sayonara and onto the floor with him. It's spooky how those little clicks zap his brain.

The cold weather has been a drag for him. On cloudy days he'll sit by the back door where the sun should be shining in and yell at me to turn it on. Failing that, a fire in the wood stove is acceptable.

Looking forward to longer days. We're having fires in the evening now, but no longer all day unless there's a storm. Several times this week we've had a couple of inches of snow at night, melts off by afternoon.
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Another seizure last night. Bad one. The only good thing about these is that he doesn't remember them. He's fine today, as fine as a 20-year-old cat can be.

My Fave!

Oct. 31st, 2008 11:52 am
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HalloweenI can't help it—I adore Halloween! Here is my muse, Nambé, in full spooky mode.

sugar skullsI've always loved this time of year. Costumes, fall leaves, aromatic smoke from fireplaces. Candy, not so much, even when I was a kid. But this year I made some sugar skulls, which are traditional for Dia de los Muertos. We will decorate them tonight. Maybe I'll make some Halloween frosted cookies, too—I do love those!

In honor of the day I've posted some of my photos from St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans to a new group blog I'm in—Mad Genius Club. (I guess mad geniuses go with Halloween too!)

Happy Halloween!



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