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The party was a blast. We had 42 skulls and by the end of a long day, they were all decorated. Kids and popcorn and lots of messy fun. Photos here:
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Lost one overnight. Stress fracture from being moved around too much before dry.

I made another batch of skulls today. Tried to keep from getting sugar all over everywhere. Not terribly successful.

It really is like playing with damp sand. Not wet enough to make a sand castle, but packs into the molds well. The just-molded skulls are so fragile that brushing against them will damage them, but once they're dry they're amazingly tough. You can see the mold in bowl at the left side if you look carefully.

I added a picture of the sucker mold to yesterday's post, if anyone's curious. I got it from The Specialty Shop, a local cake and candy supply shop.
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skullsLast year I dipped a toe in the water of making sugar skulls. This is a wonderful Dia de los Muertos tradition. We had so much fun with it that I decided to invite some friends to share this year.

These aren't food, by the way. They're pure sugar, just decoration.

Making the base skulls is actually pretty unexciting, and they have to be dry before they can be decorated, so today I made some in advance. I used the molds from last year, best molds I could find then, which turned out to be skull sucker molds. (Hmm...good name for a band...Skull Sucker Mold). This year I cut one down to make it easier to slide the skulls onto cardboard for drying.

I made a double recipe with four cups of sugar, four teaspoons of meringue powder, and about seven teaspoons of water. The recipe called for four, but the sugar seemed too crumbly so I kept adding more. The consistency is supposed to be like "moist sand." Pack the sugar into the mold, scrape off the excess with the flat edge of a knife, cover with an index card and flip over, then place on cardboard and slide out the index card. Voila! The double recipe made ten full skulls and one that was almost full (close enough).

I had a little trouble with some of the chins crumbling, but hey. Not everyone has the same chin, right?

My Fave!

Oct. 31st, 2008 11:52 am
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HalloweenI can't help it—I adore Halloween! Here is my muse, Nambé, in full spooky mode.

sugar skullsI've always loved this time of year. Costumes, fall leaves, aromatic smoke from fireplaces. Candy, not so much, even when I was a kid. But this year I made some sugar skulls, which are traditional for Dia de los Muertos. We will decorate them tonight. Maybe I'll make some Halloween frosted cookies, too—I do love those!

In honor of the day I've posted some of my photos from St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans to a new group blog I'm in—Mad Genius Club. (I guess mad geniuses go with Halloween too!)

Happy Halloween!



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